The Book of Job

The Book of Job

Translated by Antanas Rubšys

Opening took place at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza on September 19, 2013.
Duration of the performance:1 hour 40 min.


Produced by Meno FortasTheatre

Co – produced by
Teatro Comunale di Vicenza
With a support of Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and Aldo Miguel Grompone (Rome)

Director Eimuntas Nekrošius
Stage designer Marius Nekoršius
Costume designer Nadežda Gultiajeva
Original music by Leon Somov
Light designer Audrius Jankauskas


Job Remigijus Vilkaitis

Vygandas Vadeiša
Salvijus Trepulis
Vaidas Vilius
Marija Petravičiūtė
Simonas Dovidauskas
Milda Noreikaitė
Beata Tiškevič
Adelė Tresiūtė – Aukštikalnė
Darius Petrovskis

Director‘s assistant Tauras Čižas
Sound designer Arvydas Dūkšta
Prop man Genadij Virkovskij


The latest production of Eimuntas Nekrosius has been based on the writing from the Old Testament, the Book of Job. It is one of the most complex texts in the Holy Bible yet not the first to be staged by director Eimuntas Nekrosius. In 2004 he staged another book from the Old Testament, Song of Songs.

Nekrošius about his new production: “It will probably be one of the most complex of my works. An intelligent, interpretative process. I could have chosen a classical text, everything would have been easier, I could have lived in peace. But something made me pick this piece.”
The Book of Job tells the story of a man called Job who loses everything – his wealth, children, health – but refuses to give up his faith in God. “No one is insured against misfortunes of life. So far, I only know that the stage will be permeated with an atmosphere of pain,” the director gives a glimpse to his next production.

Minimalistic set design, precisely detailed costumes, subtle musical accents, bold yet subtle performance of actors, attention to the tiniest detail of stage action joined the words of the Job’s Book to a powerful and astounding sight.

The biblical text about Job being deprived of wealth, family, and health by an arrangement between Satan and God in order to test Job’s faith is read by Nekrošius in an absolutely modern manner. It is a story of a human being falling into one failure after another. A human being who keeps on asking himself “What have I done to get this?” And why should he continue with life in the world without any justice and with so much pain?